YABS - Young Adult Bible Study

Ages 15-25  

High School
Young Adults

Focuses on developing men and women of like faith to connect, grow, and transform spiritually, mentally, and physical. Our goal is to help equip young adults to live abundant lives and to move foward in their Christian development.

We believe that relationships built in this group will carry on far into the future. Those aged 15-18 are in need of role models that display to them Christian morals and principles. Those 19-25 are knowlegeable but sometimes feel that there is no place for them in church. This study gives them the ability to share life experiences; some good, some bad...with the younger attenders.

During our time together we are digging deep and tackling many life issues that they face. We do this through studying God's Word and deep discussion times.

Sundays 9 am - Bible Study

Every other Thursday evening - Time of Fellowship. 
Time and location varies.

God wants us to be one church full of relationships, not a church full of programs.

Contact Stephen & Michelle Yee for details.

Stephen & Michelle Yee